El rodeo mexican restaurant review

We eat Mexican food 2-4x a week, being a gringo I like all kinds of Mexican cooking. We live in Clovis and rotate from a few beaneries. El Rodeo is one of our ideals. Good size portions, never-ending bowl of chips and 2 salsas set a fabulous table. The fajitas and chile rellenos are great! Finally, want to say the “kids” operating here are always friendly and take great care of us!! Nice to have a laid-back neighborhood taco joint that talks the language of flavor! Ole’!! I forgot to say the price is right as well!!! When I logged back on I saw the report from some hater. This is not my experience at all. She sounds like a hater to me! I had an excellent practice here. My server was friendly, efficient and informed about the menu. Prices were about right for the high variety of food prepared. I had the cowboy burrito which had potatoes, rooster, rice, beans, Pico and red gravy over the top. I liked all of it and was really stuffed like that burrito was by the occasion I left. Overall I would definitely visit again. The ultimate fajitas were good according to my flatmate so this lunch worked out for both of us. Chips and salsa came before the feed and were great to snack on already. The inexpensive movies are around the angle, so this location is perfect for lunchtime or in between movie feed. Dinner and a film work also. Check this place out, it’s worth it! We love coming to El rodeo!! The staff is so warm and accommodating and the food always tastes yummy. It never had more than a few families in it at a time which makes me nervous! I want them to thrive! It is nice however to come in on a Saturday midnight and not have to wait for seats or food. Two thumbs up for us!

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