Main street pizza menu

Lots of restaurants called “Main street pizza menu” are available for search here. One of them I like most is Mainstreetsa. Here is my comment about their service.

We happened upon this little gem for lunch since the staff was so extremely rude to us before we were seated, after walking from a nearby cafe. The lady there who I assume was the owner or supervisor had a lovely attitude, was particularly fantastic, and was content to seat us right away! Everyone there was very good, the support was fantastic, the food came out incredibly quickly for having this type of large celebration, and I was impressed that there was a lot on the menu besides pizza! I also loved they had vegetarian-friendly choices (veggie burger!). After our encounter about 10 minutes before that at another place, I can’t even tell you how refreshing it was to locate these guys. Service truly does make the experience! I’m super happy with this particular place. I ‘m from a few hours out of town and have never even eaten in Donnelly before. Texted a friend, received this spot as the recommendation and reviewed the yelp application prior to going. The young gal was so kind as well as I walked in and helped me right out. I didn’t have pizza, I plumped for a great burger. She created nice discussion about our school happenings and what not while the burger was being cooked. I ‘m a server in a restaurant back and to me any personal contact when encountering food service is important. I will definitely reunite here and tell all my pals. I used to not want a pizza or burger or anything- I thought here. But I was wrong. The two ladies functioning suggested a particular dressing in such a friendly manner that it was ordered by me and garlic bread plus a salad To Go. It was scrumptious as well as the healthier and freshest thing I identified in a-10 mile region. Go. You’ll be glad.

Main street pizza menu acually a great place to eat with kids.

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