Top Amazing Health Benefits of Raspberries

Overview of Top Amazing Health Benefits of Raspberries

Raspberry, which is also known as hindberry, is the edible fruit of a multitude of plant species in the genus Rubus of the rose family. This is one of the most widely cultivated fruits across the world. Berries range in a variety of colors. The most well-known color is red while other colors include pink, purple, black and even white. Raspberries do not only have a sweet juicy taste that you can enjoy them in a lot of ways such as raw, frozen, dried, canned, cooked or juiced, but also contain several health benefits.

Nutrition facts

Like many other berries, raspberries are burst with of fibre, vitamins, nutrients and minerals.

According to Wikipedia, raw raspberries are loaded with 86% water, 12% carbohydrates, and have about 1% each of protein and fat.

Raspberries have the proportion of dietary fiber, which is among the highest known in whole foods, up to 6% fiber per total weight. Raspberries are a rich source of vitamin C (32% daily value), manganese (32% daily value) and dietary fiber (26% daily value) (table). Raspberries have the total sugar content of only 4%.

These followings are top amazing health benefits of raspberries

1. Protect you from cancer
Top Amazing Health Benefits of RaspberriesWhen it comes to health benefits of raspberries, the first place on the top should be this impressive ability. Being high in Vitamin C and carotene, which helps to fight the damage caused to cells by free radicals, raspberries can prevent cancer including breast, prostate, cervical and colon cancer. The cancer-fighting property bases on inhabiting cancer from multiplying or forming tumors. Therefore, consuming more raspberries is a very easy way to decrease the risk of this serious disease.

2. Boost your eye health

Another name of the top amazing health benefits of raspberries is eye health supporter. This succulent fruit is rich in vitamin C, which can reduce UV-related DNA damage caused by sun’s rays. In addition, raspberries can prevent the age-related macular degeneration from developing.

3. Reduce lines and wrinkles

Because of being rich in antioxidants and vitamin C, raspberries can work as a natural supplement to fight against wrinkles. To fill in minor lines and wrinkles and nourish your skin, you use the mixture of 1 part of unsweetened yogurt and 2 parts of raw raspberries as a facial mask. Later, you can apply on your face and let sit for about 20 minutes before wash off with warm water. Your lines may disappear and wrinkles may blur, and you will have a youthful look that can impress people around you.

4. Make you fit

Researches shows that a diet with high level of fiber can slow down the digestive process so that you will not feel hungry faster. Besides, manganese can help your body burn fat because it keeps your metabolic rate always high. As a result, the fruit which contains high level of these substance can help you lose weight, and our answer is raspberries. It is awesome to eat a lot of foods without worrying about being overweight. Of course the “food” mentioned here is raspberries.

5. Treat Diabetes

The combination of high amounts of fiber and low glycemic index can help you maintain stable blood sugar levels. Those who suffer from diabetes now can rely on raspberries as carbohydrates in raspberries are broken down slowly so that their blood sugar, lipids, and insulin levels can be improved.

6. Improve your brain power

It would be a big mistake if this property is not mentioned among top amazing health benefits of raspberries. These berries are small, however, it has huge benefits in boosting your brain health. Raspberries can improve your memories thanks to the amount of flavonoids in it. Furthermore, the high level of antioxidants in raspberries can also prevent you from cognitive delay, which is caused by aging.

7. Boost your heart health

As stated earlier, raspberries can reduce blood sugar. Hence, the tangy fruit can reduce blood pressure so that reduce the risk of death from cardiovascular disease. That’s why you should eat more raspberries to consume the high amount of polyphenols anthocyanin, flavonols, and ellagitannins to have a healthier heart.

8. Hair health supplement

It seems like the top amazing benefit of raspberries contain many beauty advantages. In addition to those beauty benefits above, boosting hair health is another benefit of raspberries. The delicious fruit is helpful for those who suffer from hair loss and those who want to improve hair growth and to have strong and shiny hair. The B vitamins, folic acids, Biotin and vitamin C, which are useful to support your hair, are found in raspberries in high levels.

9. Work as detox

Studies have shown that fiber play a vital role in regulating the immune system and inflammation. Therefore, a diet with high level of fiber can prevent constipation and help flushing out the body system. So if you are finding a cure for your digestion problems such as kidney infection symptoms, raspberries would be your brilliant choice. A strong immune system can protect you from many diseases. In addition to raspberries, lemongrass can serve well as a detox to help you get over many digestive issues.



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